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de Puerto Rico

Vive en: Santa isabel
Edad: 24
Sobre ella: soy super divertida me encanta salir a la disco , conocer chicos paearla bien rico , divertirnos, especialmente eso jajjajajaj, de buen corazon , honestaY SOBRE TODO SEXY

2 Comentario en "de Puerto Rico"

  1. Salsero30 says:

    Hi I am from the United States of America. I am a salsa dancer, promoter, performer. I love to dance! I love to read and go to the movies. I am 30 and I would love to chat with you more.

    Send me pictures to my email at djdanceking@yahoo.com and I will send you photos also if you like. I lived in Ecuador for 6 months and I love latin america. My grandfather was born in Puerto Rico. Look forward to hearing from you. Que Dios te bendiga y suerte. Nos vemos,


    Anónimo says:

    chika te gustaria una noche de diversion de 3 dejame saber jormaris_25@hotmail.com

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